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Foldable Non-Stick Sandwich Pan

Foldable Non-Stick Sandwich Pan

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Make tasty grilled sandwiches or warm breakfast treats right in your own kitchen with this Foldable Non-Stick Sandwich Pan! Crafted with die-casting aluminum and a non-stick coating, this top-of-the-line folding sandwich pan is certain to make the preparation of your favorite sandwiches quick and easy. Specifically designed for use on a gas stove, this pan heats evenly so there are no hot spots to worry about. A wonderful alternative to using a stovetop grilling press, the ridges give food both texture and flavor as it’s cooking. With its convenient folding design, you can easily store the pan when not in use. Enjoy delicious grilled sandwiches quicker and easier than ever before with this Foldable Non-Stick Sandwich Pan!

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