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Acne Pimple Invisible Patch

Acne Pimple Invisible Patch

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Say goodbye to blemishes with our Acne Pimple Patches. These invisible stickers are your ultimate blemish treatment. Designed to effectively target and treat acne, these patches are a master pimple remover in the realm of skin care. Simply apply the patch and let its advanced technology work wonders on your skin. Experience the power of these beauty tools as they discreetly and comfortably enhance your skin care routine. Embrace clearer, blemish-free skin with our Acne Pimple Patches – your go-to solution for mastering the art of acne treatment.




Size: 14*9*1CM
Mix sizes: 7mm×10EA + 10mm×5EA + 12mm×9EA


Package Included:
1 * Face Spot Scar Care Treatment Stickers

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