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Cat Litter Trapping Mat

Cat Litter Trapping Mat

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Introducing our Cat Mat Folding Garbage, the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean and tidy environment in your home, even with the messiest of cats. This Honeycomb Waterproof Cat Mat is designed with EVA double padding, providing a comfortable and protective surface for your feline friend. Its honeycomb pattern effectively captures scattered litter, ensuring your floors stay pristine. For extra cleanliness, consider using a changing pad for urine absorption. The super soft surface is gentle on your cat's paws, making it a comfortable choice. Cleaning is a breeze; simply shake off trapped litter, rinse, or give it a quick shower. Keep your space tidy and your cat content with our Cat Mat Folding Garbage.





Product material: EVA
Thickness before folding: 0.7cm
Thickness after folding: 1.4cm
Thickness of 1 size after folding: 1.7cm
XS (30*45cm) does not fold
S (40*50cm) not folded
M (45*60cm) foldable
L (55*70cm) foldable


Packing Includes:
Cat litter pad x1

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