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Eye Lift Strips Double Eyelid Tape

Eye Lift Strips Double Eyelid Tape

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Looking for a natural and long-lasting way to open up your eyes and create that bright, wide-awake look? Our Eye Lift Strips Double Eyelid Tape is the perfect product for you. This incredible double eyelid tape provides a simple and easy solution to creating larger, brighter, and more visible eyes. The pre-cut strips have a 4.5 cm diameter in order to suit different eye sizes, while being thin enough to provide natural looking results without any excess bulkiness. They also easily blend in with any makeup style – from subtle daytime enhancements to nights out on the town when you really want to stand out! With four colors available (Beige S., Meta L., Left S., and Right L.), they come incredibly useful when trying to better match your individual skin tone. And if that weren’t enough, each pack of Eye Lift Strips Double Eyelid Tape also includes 600 pieces per set! So take your makeup routine to the next level and give yourself that uplifted look with our amazing Eye Lift Strips Double Eyelid Tape today!


1/ Eye accessories make you have bigger eyes, more image, more image.

2/ So that thin eye spots are scattered and visible.

3/There are 4 choices: color S/beige L/meta S/left L

4/Size: The diameter is 4.5 cm, the packaging width is 2.5 cm

5/Quantity: 600pcs/set


7/Give you a pair of big eyes

Package includes:

600pc x eye spots

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