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Fluffy Hair Mattifying Powder

Fluffy Hair Mattifying Powder

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Introducing Fluffy Hair Mattifying Powder, the perfect solution for those trying to achieve volume and texture in their hair! This 8g powder is designed to help give your hair a natural and refreshed look while also delivering root volumizing effects. It's easy to use – after drying your hair, apply some fluffy powder on your hands before gently rubbing them together and grabbing it onto the roots of your hair. Finally, separate strands of your hair and spread the powder evenly before styling with your fingers. Men and women can alike benefit from this innovative formula! Get that full-bodied styled look you've been seeking with Fluffy Hair Mattifying Powder!



Item Name: Hair Mattifying Powder
Capacity: 8g
Gender: Unisex
Shelf Life: About 3 years
Application: Flat, Thin, Oily hair

Package Include:
1*Hair Mattifying Powder

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