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Gel Blaster Set

Gel Blaster Set

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Introducing the world’s most powerful and reliable Gel Blaster Set, perfect for outdoor games with friends and family. Our supercharged 7.4V 400mAh battery can fire up to 1000-1500 rounds continuously without ever needing to pause for a recharge. With an astonishing rate of fire of up to 300 balls per minute, you can hit targets up to 10m away for unparalleled accuracy and power. Our stabilizing grips help you maintain control in all terrains, even on unstable surfaces like sand or grass. And for the ultimate protection, our included goggles allow you to enjoy this amazing game safely with well-shielded eyes. Get ready for endless hours of fun with your Gel Blaster Set!



Package Includes: 
1 x Gel Blaster Set
include all accessories  (as photo show)

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