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McLaren 720S GT3 Car Toy

McLaren 720S GT3 Car Toy

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Introducing the McLaren 720S GT3 racing sports car Vehicle Speed Champion Racer Building Blocks Brick Creative Garage Toys for Boys! Created with authentic detail and quality building blocks, this is a perfect gift for aspiring race car drivers or builders. With realistic features such as adjustable front and rear suspension, the 720S GT3 allows children to build and customize their own vehicle. This unique toy also includes lights, sounds, electric motors, opening doors and hoods. Not only does the McLaren 720S Car Toy experience provide endless creative play options but it also encourages problem-solving skills and helps kids to gain an understanding of engineering concepts like velocity, torque and speed. What better way to motor into STEM learning than with a real-life lookalike! Aspiring racers will appreciate the attention to detail in this awesome set featuring a working steering wheel that really drives the action home. So buckle up and get ready to hit the track - there's no stopping your child now.

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