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Oryon™ - Sports Smartwatch

Oryon™ - Sports Smartwatch

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This all-in-one watch has everything you need for tracking your training progress. It not only records your data, but provides you with detailed analysis of your health measurements like calorie count and heart rate so that you can keep on top of achieving your goals. And with its hub style app integration feature, all of these data recordings are automatically sent directly to the partner app when the watch is connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi allowing you to get real time stats no matter where you go! 




Time Display
Countdown Hours
Set the Alarm
Counting Steps
Sleep Analysis
Body Measurements: Blood Oxygen Level, 
Blood Pressure, Pulse and Body Temperature.

Material: Zinc Alloy, Silicone
System Requirements: Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0
Strap Diameter: 58mm
Ring Diameter: 53 x 18 cm

The Package Contains:
1 x Oryon™
1 x Wireless Headphone
1 x USB Charger Cable

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