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Pet Grooming Lint Roller Comb

Pet Grooming Lint Roller Comb

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Feeling overwhelmed by your pet’s fur everywhere? Fed up with tufts of hair clinging to all your furnishings? Look no further than the Pet Grooming Lint Roller Comb! Our multitasking comb is perfect for swiftly and effortlessly banishing loose hairs, fibers, and impurities from your pet's coat, leaving it velvety smooth. This lightweight but powerful tool is also great for removing that pesky fur from clothing and upholstery – just pass the roller over the surface and in no time you can say goodbye to unsightly clumps.

When it comes to pampering your pet, our comb has you covered too. With its rubber brush head, you can give them a gentle massage while they relax in-between coats. What’s more, with its retractable stainless steel short comb teeth, there’s no need to worry about nipping your pooch’s skin like other tools on the market; you can trust this hygienic comb won’t cause any discomfort as you give their thick mane a bit of love it deserves.

Every order includes one compact and convenient lint roller comb – so don't waste any more time struggling with cat or dog grooming supplies! Keep the Pet Grooming Lint Roller Comb in mind and get ready to engulf your home with a clean, silky layer of fur-free bliss.


Product Description:
Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Color: Red
Size: 14.5cm/5.71"*5.5cm/2.71"




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