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Rabbit LED Night Light

Rabbit LED Night Light

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The Rabbit LED Night Light is more than just a charming addition to your child's room – it's a versatile and practical lighting solution that offers convenience and comfort. Here's why it's a must-have for any parent:

Touch Sensor and Remote Control: With the touch sensor feature, changing the color of the light is as easy as a tap. Additionally, the remote control allows you to turn the night light on and off from a distance, providing added convenience, especially during nighttime routines.

Nine Different Colors: Create a soothing and calming atmosphere in your child's room with nine different colors to choose from. Whether it's a soft blue for bedtime or a warm yellow for story time, you can easily adjust the color to match the mood.

Dimmable Timer: Set the perfect brightness level with the dimmable timer feature. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a brighter light, you can customize the brightness to suit your child's needs.

Rechargeable and Portable: The built-in 700mA rechargeable battery eliminates the need for constant battery replacements and allows for hassle-free charging via USB. Plus, the compact and portable design makes it easy to move the night light around as needed.

Safe and Eco-friendly Materials: Made from ABS and eco-friendly silicone, the Rabbit LED Night Light is safe for children and the environment. The silicone bunny shape adds a whimsical touch to any nursery or bedroom decor.

Versatile Usage: Beyond serving as a night light, this adorable rabbit-shaped lamp can also be used as a decorative piece during the day. Its charming design adds a playful element to any room, making it a versatile addition to your home.

Make bedtime more enjoyable and create a cozy atmosphere with the Rabbit LED Night Light. With its user-friendly features, charming design, and practical functionality, it's sure to become a beloved part of your child's nightly routine.

Material: ABS+Eco-friendly Silicone
Medium Rabbit Size:93.6*96.7*143.7mm
Power Supply: Built-in 700mA Rechargeable Battery
Charging Mode: USB (DC 5V)
Power: 0.35W

Package Includes:
1*Rabbit LED Night Light
1*USB Charging Cable
1*With Remote Control

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