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Rechargeable Candle Light Nightstand Lamp

Rechargeable Candle Light Nightstand Lamp

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The Yeelight Rechargeable Candle Light Yellow Nightstand Lamp adds perfect ambiance to any bedroom, living room, or dating atmosphere. This exquisite design brings unique charm and modernity into your home. Featuring a candle-like breathing light for that traditional, romantic vibe, this portable lamp is designed to wow with attention to every detail: metal coating and brass material for the lamp base, Type-C interface for quick charge and 1800K soft warm light for a candle-like lighting effect. The stepless dimming rotation also adds to the finesse and allows for precise control. With an ultra-long standby time, this one candle lamp has the versatility to cater to all moods – providing you with moments delightful places in time!



Dimensions: 72.5*72.5*195mm
Weight: 410 ± 10g
Brightness Adjustment: 1%- 100%
Power: 5W
Battery: Polymer lithium battery 3.7V 2500mAh
Working Temperature: -10 ± 40℃

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