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Table Hockey Fast Sling Puck Board Game

Table Hockey Fast Sling Puck Board Game

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The Table Hockey Fast Sling Puck Board Game is a fun and interactive game for the entire family. Perfect for parent-child bonding, the game pits teams of five pieces against one another in an intense battle to be the winner. Each team must pull back their pieces with rubber bands and launch them towards their opponent's side. Players must aim carefully and shoot their pieces through the hole in order to take all five of their opponent’s pieces and win. This fast-paced board game has an easy-to-learn system, making it great even for children who have never played before. Not only is this game highly entertaining, but it also provides excellent exercise for both your body and mind as you strategize each move you make. Time will fly by as you get lost in the head-to-head competition that ensues when playing this classic yet unique game with family or friends.




Product Name: Table Hockey Fast Sling Puck Board Game
Material: Wooden
Accessories: 10 Pieces
Number of Players: 2
Size: Size as Shown
Suitable for ages 3 and up,regular adult

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