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The Magical Mat

The Magical Mat

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Discover the ultimate doormat with The Magical Mat. Perfect for any home, this 100% Nappa leather and rubber mat is super soft and skin friendly while also boasting a durable and protective construction. With its moisture wicking surface, the Nappa leather absorbs liquids quickly to keep your floor dry and clean - with an even faster evaporation rate provided by the foam absorbent layer just below. As if that wasn’t enough, the non-slip texture of the rubber base offers great grip to keep you more stable when entering or exiting indoors, without marking your floors in any way. Even better, it's fast and easy to clean too. Coming with a beautiful yet practical smooth cutting edge and washable design, The Magical Mat is perfect as a front door mat, bathroom or bedroom floor mat or kitchen mat - perfect for all seasons! See why it's making waves across households everywhere - discover magic with The Magical Mat!

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