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Water Blaster Toy Gun

Water Blaster Toy Gun

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Introducing the Submachine Water Blaster Toy Gun: your ultimate water combat experience! This electric submachine gun is constructed from plastic and features a camouflage finish for serious players. With a shooting range of 10m, you'll be able to hit targets from far away. The Water Blaster Toy Gun comes with 7-8 mm water gel bullets that are easy to use and store. Measuring 82 cm in length, this gun packs a punch! The Submachine Water Blaster Toy Gun is perfect for fun on hot days, family battle simulations, or even just backyard target practice. So the next time you're ready for epic water battles, arm yourself with the Submachine Water Blaster Toy Gun - the ultimate tool in tactical warfare!





Material: Plastic
Mode: Manual or Electric
Shooting Range: About 10m
Bullet: 7-8mm Water Gel 
Size: 82cm in Length

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